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Reading Endorsement

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What is the Reading Endorsement Add-On Certification Program?

Florida Department of Education requires that teachers who want to teach reading at the secondary level be certified in Reading. Teachers can be certified through the Reading  K-12 coverage or the Reading Endorsement Program (five courses). To be certified, the teacher must complete the Reading K-12 coverage or Reading Endorsement Program  and add it to his/her professional certificate.

What is required to get the Reading Endorsement?

There are five courses required for the Reading Endorsement. Each of these courses is grounded in research that addresses the five elements of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary.   The courses also include the application of research-based reading instruction, reading assessments, and the application and foundations of differentiation.  Action research components will begin in Course 1 and be integrated throughout all courses leading to the Reading Demonstration of Accomplishment-Competency 5.

What are the courses that are required for the endorsement as of July 1, 2012?

Competency 1 - Foundations of Reading Instruction (Competency 1-Foundations     in Language and Cognition/ LETRS- prior to July 1, 2012)

Competency 2-Application of Research-Based Instructional Practices (Competency 2-Foundations of Research-Based Practices/FORPD- prior to July 1, 2012)

Competency 3-Foundations of Assessment (Competency 3-Foundations of Assessment- prior to July 1, 2012)

Competency 4-Foundations and Applications of Differentiated Instruction (Competency 4/5-Foundations and Applications of Differentiated Instruction- prior to July 1, 2012)

Competency 5-Demonstration of Accomplishment (Competency 6-Practicum K-12 prior to July 1, 2012)

Why were changes made to the Reading Endorsement Program?

The reading endorsement course indicators were updated by the Florida Department of Education. The updated courses contain research conducted since the National Reading Panel Report was published in 2000.  The new courses have also been aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

I have completed some of the competencies of the old Reading Endorsement, but not all of them; how do I proceed?

If a teacher completed courses under the old reading endorsement program, the courses will count toward the new endorsement.  After July 1, 2012, additional courses that teachers complete will reflect the new competencies and indicators. For example, if a teacher has completed Competency 1, 2, and 3 under the old endorsement, he/she will need to complete Competency 4 and Competency 5 after July 1, 2012.

Do I still need courses if I completed Competency 1, Competency 2, Competency 3 and Competency 4/5 under the old program?

Yes. If you have completed these four courses, you need to complete the new Competency 5-Demonstration of Accomplishment as the final course.

What credit do I get for taking the Reading Endorsement courses?

Each of the Reading Endorsement courses is worth 60 inservice points for a total of  300 points. Reading inservice points earned in a professional certificate validity period can be “banked” for future use in renewal of certificates. Under current banking rules, teachers who hold a temporary certificate can “bank points” toward their first professional renewal; teachers who hold a professional certificate can “bank points”   until they need them.

Who is offering these courses?

All Reading Endorsement Components are offered free of charge to Brevard County  full-time teachers through the School Board of Brevard County’s Professional Learning and Development Office.

Are any of the reading courses online?

Competency 1, Competency 2, Competency 3, and Competency 4 are offered online through the North East Florida Educational Consortium (NEFEC). There is a tuition fee for the NEFEC courses. The web address to register:

Competency 4 PDA-ESE is offered in an online format and is coordinated by FDLRS/East. For additional information contact:

Who is eligible to take the add-on certification courses?

The Reading Endorsement add-on certification is available to teachers who currently  hold or who are eligible for a valid Florida Professional Educator’s Certificate based on  a Bachelor’s or higher degree and who are currently teaching full-time. Participants must implement their training in their own classrooms through assignments and case studies.

I teach in an elementary school. Do I need this certification?

If you have an elementary certificate, you are not required to obtain a Reading Endorsement. However, you may find the endorsement beneficial to your teaching of reading in the classroom. This program was developed to help teachers acquire the appropriate skills and competencies to identify reading problems very early and to provide for required interventions and assistance to improve reading for all students.

I have a temporary certificate. Can I take the courses required for the Reading Endorsement?

Candidates with temporary certificates must show proof of eligibility for a    Professional Certificate prior to the district’s verification of completion of the program.


I started taking Reading Endorsement courses in another county.  Do I have to start all over again?

No. Your inservice credit earned in other school districts may be applied to the reading endorsement program as long as that credit was earned as part of an approved Add-on Reading Endorsement Program. No partial course or component can be transferred from another district to Brevard County.

I have a Master’s degree in Reading.  Do I have to take these courses?

There are two ways to be certified in Florida in Reading. One way is to hold a Master’s in Reading with at least 30 semester hours in specific courses in Reading laid out by the Department of Education and to pass the Reading Subject Area Exam. The other way is to complete a state-approved five-course Reading Endorsement Program. There are 15 specific required semester-hours-equivalent hours in this program.

I have taken some college reading courses. Can I use these for the Reading Endorsement?

College credit from an accredited institution of higher education may be used to satisfy component (course) requirements; these courses must match one of the Brevard County Reading Endorsement Program courses and must have been completed on or after January 1, 1998. Approved three-semester hour college courses can be converted to inservice points. An official college transcript must be provided by the applicant to the Office of Professional Learning and Development.  An “automatic transfer list” is accessible on the Professional Development web site. If the Reading course is not listed there, send together: (1) a course description from the college catalog and (2) the official transcript to Dr. Jane Respess, Professional Learning and Development via courier.

How do I get information about the reading courses offered and registration?

To view and register for Reading Endorsement courses, access the ProGOE system.  Choose the Course Tab  and  click Reading under the Course by Subject tab.

What are the Reading Banking rules?

If Reading credit is earned under a five-year, professional, renewable certificate,  DOE allows the “banking” of reading credits.

Points for any reading courses taken may be banked if you have enough credits for the renewal of your certificate without using those reading credits. The reading credits must be earned after January 1, 1998.

Reading credit is also “bankable” if it is earned on a temporary certificate. However, if you hold a temporary certificate, those earned and banked points MUST be used in the first renewal of your professional certificate and cannot be banked past that  expiration date.

Who do I contact for specific reading questions and assistance?

  • For scheduling questions, inservice record questions, or Reading Endorsement Program requirements, email Lynn Conroy, Professional Learning and Development.

  • To locate a Reading Endorsement Course, log into Electronic Registrar Online (ERO) and search the Course Catalog Curriculum by Reading.

  • For questions about applying for Reading Certification once courses are completed, email Dinah Kramer, Certification.

  • For questions about transferring college credit to inservice points in reading, email Dinah Kramer, Certification. 



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