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Gifted Add-on Endorsement

The Brevard Public Schools Gifted Add-on Endorsement Program is a state-approved, five-course program which teachers in Brevard can complete in order to request the Department of Education to add Gifted  K-12 to their teaching certificates.  This program is designed to enable participants to add an area to an already-existing teaching certificate; once added, the Gifted Endorsement remains on the certificate as long as the teacher holds a valid teaching certificate in Florida.  The certificate area(s) can be elementary or secondary.

Brevard County teachers who have Gifted students in their classes and teachers who wish to add Gifted K-12 to their certificates in order to have Gifted students in their classes are the primary target groups for this program.  Non-employees are also accepted into the inservice classes on a space-available basis, as long as they hold a regular teaching certificate. Gifted inservice courses are advertised in the Leadership Team Packets each semester; plans are underway to post the courses on our web site, also.   Registration for this program is accomplished by participants; they send a check and registration form to the Office of Certification and Professional Development.   Upon completion of the Brevard Public Schools Add-on Endorsement Program in Gifted, participants send applications and fees to add Gifted K-12 to the Office of Certification and Professional Development.   This office verifies completion of an approved program to the Department of Education for addition of Gifted K-12 to the certificate.

Five courses comprise the program:

  • Nature and Needs of the Gifted

  • Procedures and Curriculum for Gifted

  • Guidance and Counseling of the Gifted

  • Special Populations of Gifted

  • Creativity in Gifted.

Each completed inservice course is the equivalent of a three-semester-hour college course; 60 inservice points are credited to the teacher upon successful completion of each course.  These courses are “all or none”; either the participant completes the entire course and earns 60 credits, or he/she earns no credits for partial completion.  The inservice courses are not convertible to college credit; however, college courses in Gifted may be convertible to our Gifted Add-on Program, if the content and objectives match one of the required inservice courses in our program.

This Add-on Gifted Program is “fee-supported:” participants pay a fee to cover the costs of the instruction and the course book for each course.  Currently the cost of each course is $125.  To use the courses for certification in Gifted K-12, all five courses must be successfully completed within the rules of the program.  All five courses are offered within a two-year time span currently, and all five courses are offered  “face to face” at this time.  Plans are underway to develop and/or offer online sections of the five courses during the next five years.  The state agency for Gifted is also offering periodically the Nature and Needs class online, for a fee.  Brevard County teachers may “mix and match” courses from colleges, online approved courses from districts or the state agency, and inservice courses in Brevard to achieve completion of their five required courses.

For information about program content and current registration information, contact Lynn Conroy, 633-1000, ext. 175.  For information about inservice credit, contact Dr. Jane K. Respess, 633-1000, ext. 240.

We will be offering two Gifted Endorsement Program courses per term (fall, winter, spring and summer) for a total of eight courses per year.  Attached is the registration forms for the two fall courses, Gifted-Special Populations and Gifted Guidance and Counseling.


Gifted - Guidance and Counseling



Gifted - Nature and Needs











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