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Athletic Coaching Endorsement

The Brevard Public Schools Athletic Coaching Endorsement Program consists of three college-course equivalent inservice courses that have been approved by the Florida Department of Education.   The courses are mandated by the Department of Education and cover the following topics:  Athletic Coaching Theory; Sports Medicine; and Sports Specific Training.  Each course is a 60-hour equivalent course with objectives stated in the Master Inservice Plan for Brevard County.  Along with the Sports Medicine course (or First Aid course online) a valid certificate in CPR through American Red Cross or American Heart Association is required for certification.

All paid community coaches who do not hold a state-issued teaching certificate must hold the Athletic Coaching certification in order to be hired.  Community coaches may apply to the Department of Education for a temporary athletic coaching certificate when they are hired.  The coach does not have to complete any courses prior to issuance of the temporary certificate.  When the temporary certificate is issued, the coach has three fiscal years dating from July 1 of the year of issue to complete the required three coaching courses. 

When the three coaching courses are completed, the coach may apply for a five-year, professional Athletic Coaching certificate.  The professional certificate is renewable every five years upon application to the Department of Education.  No additional coaching courses are required to renew a professional coaching certificate.

 Educational Services Facility

The Office of Professional Learning & Development offers all three athletic coaching courses free of charge to our community coaches and teachers each year.  The courses at this time are all face-to-face courses and are held evenings at the Educational Services Facility (ESF) during the school year.  The schedule of courses is advertised through the Leadership Team Packets that go to school principals every week; the course offerings are also posted on the Brevard Public Schools website.  

Human Kinetics - Online

For those coaches who cannot attend the face-to-face courses at the ESF, we collaborate with the American Sport Education Program (ASEP) to offer them online coaching courses.  The American Sport Education Program has changed their name, the new name is the Human Kinetics Coach Education Center.  Currently the online Human Kinetic Coach Education courses carry a charge to the participant of $50 - $70 each.   Any online coaching courses completed by our coaches can be transferred to Brevard Public Schools inservice records. The website for this new program is

When the three required coaching courses are successfully credited, the coach must complete an application to add an area for Athletic Coaching.  The completed application and fee are sent to Karen Crum in the Office of Professional Learning and Development.  We verify completion, then forward the application and fee to the Department of Education, where the five-year, professional, renewable coaching certificate is issued. 

For information regarding current course offerings and registration, contact Joanne Bogle at 321-633-1000, ext. 209.  For information regarding the Athletic Coaching Endorsement Program, contact Dinah Kramer at ext. 210 or Sharon Doucett-Doran at ext. 211.

The Athletic Coaching - Sports Medicine course will start on December 6, 2014

Registration for this course will open at 6:30 a.m. on Monday, February 20, 2014.  This class will be held at the School Board Building in Viera, ESF.









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